5 Mistakes Made When Buying Auto Insurance in Salinas

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Insurance

Everyone makes the occasional mistake, and some errors are more costly than others are. Among the latter category, paying too much for auto insurance is one of the most costly mistakes one can make. Drivers can save themselves and their finances by avoiding the most common mistakes made by those buying Auto Insurance in Salinas.

Buying Too Much or Too Little Coverage

All areas require drivers to have a minimum level of auto insurance. However, selecting the state minimum amount to save on premiums may be enough for those who can’t afford more, or who have older vehicles. A local insurance agent can explain what is covered under one’s auto policy, and what is not covered.

Not Having Policy Add-Ons

Choosing policy options can raise a person’s monthly premiums, but it can also provide protection and peace of mind. For example, many drivers only have the state minimum, and others have no coverage at all. If there’s an accident involving an uninsured motorist, one can be fully protected if they have the right coverage.

Not Knowing One’s Needs

A person can save a significant amount of money if they understand their need for Auto Insurance in Salinas. While some optional coverage can benefit anyone, others may not be necessary. It is important for drivers to weigh the benefits and cost of coverage, and to ask a visit us website agent for help when necessary.

Selecting an Inappropriate Deductible

When a policyholder files a claim, the deductible is what they pay before the insurer covers the loss. Some insurers have multiple deductible levels, and choosing a higher deductible can lower one’s monthly payment. However, this should be done with caution, as it can be costly when an accident occurs and the entire amount must be paid before the claim is approved.

Dishonesty on an Insurance Application

Insurance companies can usually detect fraud on the part of a policyholder. If one does not list all previous claims on an application, the company can usually discover them. By being honest and forthright during the application process, a person can avoid sudden rate increases and possible claim denial.

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