Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Tulsa, OK

There are many different things that you need to consider when you are shopping for your auto insurance. While you are deciding what kind of insurance you are going to get on your vehicle, it is important to understand what comprehensive insurance covers and doesn’t cover. There are many people who don’t understand what comprehensive insurance is and choose not to get it in order to save themselves a few dollars a year.

Comprehensive Coverage

While collision insurance is arguably the most important insurance that you need to have on your vehicle, comprehensive insurance is a type of auto insurance that covers damages to your car that weren’t the result of another vehicle. It is something to investigate. What this means is that damage caused by natural disasters, civil disturbance, vandalism, theft, fire, animals, and falling objects is going to be covered by your auto insurance. Comprehensive insurance does not cover damages done to your car or another car due to a collision, or the medical expenses that might arise for you or another person.

Times You Should Consider Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance in Tulsa, OK isn’t meant to be a singly held insurance. It is meant to act as a supplement to collision insurance. You should consider adding comprehensive auto insurance to your insurance plan if you are still paying a balance on your vehicle or if you don’t have the finances available to replace or fix your vehicle should something happen to it. One common rule used to determine if you should get comprehensive insurance is that the annual cost of your comprehensive insurance should be less than ten percent of what your vehicle is worth; however, it could still be worth it if you live somewhere that requires you to park on a busy street, therefore increasing your risk of vandalism or theft.