Get the Healthcare Coverage You Need by Applying for a Marketplace Plan

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Insurance

If you’re employer doesn’t offer health insurance, then you could be able to get a Market Place plan. There are numerous plans available depending on your income, the type of coverage that you need, and any additions that you want to make aside from healthcare. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin the process of applying.

Know the Dates

There are several dates to remember when you apply for a Market Place plan in Atlanta, GA. One is the open enrollment period. This is usually from October or November until December of each year. There are special enrollments available if you meet income and other qualification requirements. Another date to remember would be when your monthly premium is due as you don’t want your insurance coverage to cancel for nonpayment.

Household Details

Try to have details pertaining to your income and any past healthcare plans that you’ve had on hand when you apply for a Market Place plan in Atlanta, GA. If you’re making changes to a current plan, then you should have current addresses and income details to make the process of changing the monthly premium amount or the overall coverage as easy as possible.

Choose a Plan

After you’ve entered all of your personal information, you’ll receive a determination of eligibility. If you’re eligible for coverage, then you’ll be shown a list of insurance companies and plans that are available. You can choose a plan based on the deductible that you need to reach or the monthly premium that you would have to pay along with other features that are available.

Learn more about applying for coverage by contacting Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace.