Important Things to Understand When Buying Life Insurance in Springfield

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Financial Services

When someone wants to buy life insurance in Springfield, an independent agent answers questions so consumers can make the best choice for their circumstances. The customer must decide between term life policies that don’t accumulate extra value or whole life versions that function more as a long-term investment.

Preventing Claim Denial

The customer also must understand reasons for the rare situations in which a life insurance company denies a claim. This is always due to negative behavior by the policyholder. People who follow basic rules when they buy life insurance in Springfield will not have to worry.


Life insurance policies have exclusions and will deny claims under these stipulations. An example would be when a policyholder dies because of his or her own criminal activity. The beneficiary cannot expect to receive payment if the policyholder is killed while trying to rob a bank at gunpoint.

Another exclusion is a person who commits suicide within one or two years after starting the policy. The insurance adjusters then suspect the individual was already planning this action and wanted to provide financial protection for the family.


Lying on the policy about health-related issues also could lead to claim denial. For instance, someone who smokes must declare that on the application. Since this increases the premium, some applicants are tempted to lie. If the insurer finds out about the lie after the policyholder’s death, the adjusters may consider this to be fraud.

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