Members Only: A Look at Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plans

Every community has one: a chamber of commerce. These groups often slip by unnoticed to those who aren’t members or who aren’t active in their communities. The truth is, chambers of commerce memberships hold a lot more value than most realize. Besides exclusive savings and insider invites to events, most chambers offer group insurance plans to their members, and these plans hold some excellent values for consumers.

Long-Term Disability

Often overlooked, long-term disability is the type of insurance no one wants to depend on. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee in life that you or your family members won’t need to take advantage of long-term disability benefits. For a member of a local chamber of commerce, this is a commonly offered option, and it can be very beneficial if those members don’t have current, employer-sponsored insurance plans. The option usually doesn’t cost much, and if an unfortunate accident should befall you or your family, the plan will be there to support you.

Critical Illness

In the same vein as long-term disability, critical illness plans are often offered with the chamber of commerce insurance plans in Toronto. You wouldn’t want to depend on the plan, but in case you or a family member needs to, you have the added security of knowing a critical illness plan will offer you support when needed. And again, these plans don’t often cost much more in addition to the other types of insurance you decide to purchase through your chamber of commerce.

Life Insurance

One of the most popular and readily-available insurance options is life insurance. The importance of life insurance cannot be stressed enough: it’s security for your family should anything unfortunate happen to you. And in a life full of uncertainties, it pays to be cautious and vigilant. Life insurance is available for a low cost, and your local chamber may choose to offer it to its members. If so, it’s certainly worth the consideration.