What You Need To Know About RV Insurance In Monterey

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Insurance

In California, recreational vehicle owners purchase policies to reduce common risks. The policies provide them with a variety of coverage levels to reduce the financial impact of an accident. They also provide assistance for owners who utilize their recreational vehicles more often. A local agent explains how the owner’s choices of RV Insurance in Monterey affects their coverage levels.

Coverage for Injuries and Property Damage

The first type of coverage needed is insurance for bodily injuries. The liability coverage pays for related injuries incurred during an accident that was the owner’s fault. The coverage is similar to auto liability coverage. It pays out a minimum for the first injuries and provides a maximum if there is more than one victim involved in the accident.

Coverage for the RV

Owners who use the recreational vehicle as a second or primary home need coverage for the entire vehicle. This includes coverage for the exterior as well as interior features. The vehicles may contain a stove and other appliances used when the owner travels or use on a daily basis if it is their primary home. The policy covers these features in the event they are damaged.

Additional Riders for Items Inside the RV

The owner can also acquire additional riders if they store valuable items in the recreational vehicle. This could include, but is not limited to, televisions, stereo systems, and computers. The rider provides coverage based on an appraised value for each item.

Discounts for Storage

If the recreational vehicle isn’t used often, the owner could acquire insurance discounts if the vehicle is placed in a storage facility. The owner will need to present their insurer with a lease from a storage facility to show the vehicle is kept in an acceptable storage facility. In some cases, they can discontinue coverage while the vehicle is stored.

In California, recreational vehicles are used as a seasonal means of transportation or as a primary home. The way in which the owner uses the vehicle determines what type of coverage they will need. Owners who have questions about RV Insurance in Monterey can visit us website for more information.