POS Breakdown: Understanding Revel POS

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Payment Processing Services

Thanks to technology businesses no longer have an excuse for having an outdated cash wrap and point of sale system. One of the most accessible systems available is called Revel, which is used by national quick-service chains such as Cinnabon and Popeye’s. This highly scalable platform integrates point-of-sale functionality with operations such as inventory management, customer management, and even social media management. Additionally, Revel can track important KPI through a robust data analytics application. Access control is available using usernames and passwords or even swipe cards, and individual permissions can be set for each employee to access the system with appropriate security.

Not One-Size-Fits-All

No matter what business you’re in, from retail restaurants, one size never fits all. There are some POS systems that are also payment processing gateways, but Revel offers only hardware and software. Merchants are expected to come up with a third-party processing solution. NerdWallet named Revel as one of its top picks as a POS for restaurants with multiple locations, calling it the best for quick service or full-service operations. Additional features include the ability to manage customer loyalty cards, create gift cards, and other CRM features that lower cost box-store POS systems lack.

Pricing Revel

A comprehensive system such as Revel should not be solely judged on price, but rather the return on investment that deployment can bring to your growing business. Revel POS pricing starts at $1,500 for initial set up and fees, with monthly fees starting at around $75. Revel POS pricing is determined by the equipment needed by business, the features deployed, and additional costs related to merchant accounts and payment gateway. Speak to a representative to determine the final cost, but make sure to have a demo that will help you understand the growth potential of this point-of-sale system.

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