Providing Reverse Mortgage Solutions in Greenwood Village, CO

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Mortgage Banking

Have you been wanting to make changes to your home but aren’t sure where you are going to find the funding to make it happen? Well, the solution may be there whether you realize it or not.

With reverse mortgage solutions in Greenwood Village, CO from Colten Mortgage, you can find the funding that you need to make those renovation dreams come true.

Funding From Within

You may be wondering what a reverse mortgage entails or how it results in funding for your home improvement project. The simple fact of the matter is that reverse mortgage solutions in Greenwood Village, CO provide funding through the current value of the home.

Building equity in a home can allow homeowners to borrow against that equity. No down payments or credit checks are needed. Borrowing against the value of the home can give you the money that you need to make those long overdue home improvements.

Working with Your Lender

Having a good lender is half the battle. If you want to make home improvements and aren’t sure how to go about funding, your lender can provide options. Talking to them about a reverse mortgage can get you on the path towards funding sooner rather than later.

Don’t just assume that you can’t afford those home renovations. Go with a reverse mortgage, and you can bring your home improvement dreams to life before you know it. Call your lender today to find out more about reverse mortgages.

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