Reasons to Contact a Life Insurance Company

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Insurance

When single and without children, a young person can often feel as if they have no need for life insurance, but the truth is more complex. Having a safety net in place to catch those you love after your death, expected or not, is a selfless thing to do and will benefit your surviving friends and family. A life insurance company is available to help you make a decision as to how large a policy you would like to take out, and the monthly rates are significantly lower than you might believe.


Many newlyweds are not thinking about what might happen if they or their new spouse were to suddenly pass away, but it is critical that you call a life insurance company such as J W Hoban & Associates the moment you “tie the knot”, so to speak. Any surviving spouse may be held responsible for debts left behind after the passing of a loved one, and a life insurance policy would protect them from this difficulty. Stsudent loans, credit card debt, property debt, and much more can quickly become too much for a person who is suddenly without a second course of income, but you are in the position to help.


Holding a funeral alone can cost on average between $7,000 to $10,000, leaving any surviving children often in a tough financial situation just to ensure you are given a proper burial. Even if you place it in your will that you are to be cremated, requests such as these are not all that much more cost-effective, and a life insurance company can help you set up a policy to cover this cost. Even if you only get a policy of $10,000 to cover this small expense, it can do wonders to help your family mourn your loss and move on without a heavy financial burden. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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