Strategies to Acquire Affordable Auto Insurance in Temecula CA for College Students

A family can save a substantial amount of money if a high school graduate continues living at home while attending college. In some instances, this could involve completing a two-year degree at an area school before transferring to a four-year college. In other cases, the young person lives at home for the first couple of years and then rents an apartment with friends later. This teenager may need a vehicle of his or her own to get to school. In addition to the cost of purchase, titling, registration and maintenance, there is also the cost of Auto Insurance in Temecula CA to consider.

There are various options to help keep this insurance more affordable. For example, the parents may be able to include the teenager on their automotive insurance policy for the time being. Some companies that offer Auto Insurance in Temecula CA provide discounts for college students who maintain a certain grade point average, viewing those young adults as more responsible than students who have lower grades.

Some insurers want to know where the vehicle will be parked when it’s not in use. Primarily, they want to know whether the car or pickup truck is parked in a garage or at least off the street. Automobile owners who do not have off-street parking may have higher premiums because the insurer sees parking on the street at riskier for auto body damage. The vehicle is more susceptible to being hit by another automobile or being vandalized. This can be a factor for college students who live in student housing apartments without adequate parking arrangements.

The teenager and his or her parents may want to discuss the inclusion of collision or comprehensive coverage with an independent agent with a company such as Winchester & Associates Insurance Services Inc. That adds more to the premium, but it protects the vehicle owner from loss due to various types of damage. If the vehicle is being financed, comprehensive insurance generally is required.