Three Reasons to Choose an Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Plan

Are you one of the thousands of uninsured Georgia residents? You should know that quality health insurance may be more affordable than you think. Whether you recently lost health coverage or have never been insured, consider these three great reasons to consider Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment in Atlanta, GA.

Subsidies and Reduced Co-pays

Health insurance is expensive, but Affordable Care Act plans are eligible for income-based subsidies that help cover your premiums. If you choose a silver plan, you can also get cost-sharing subsidies to lower your deductible and co-pays. You may even be eligible for a free plan or a state program like Medicaid or CHIP.

Free Preventative Care

Preventative care can lower healthcare expenses by catching serious problems early. When you choose Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment in Atlanta, GA, all preventative care services like annual check-ups and cancer screenings are covered with no out-of-pocket cost.

Peace of Mind

The most important benefit you can get from being insured is peace of mind. When you have health insurance, you no longer have to worry about going bankrupt due to an accident or being unable to afford treatment if you get sick.

Are you ready to protect your health with an affordable and comprehensive healthcare policy? Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace is a privately funded organization dedicated to helping individuals and business in Georgia get the coverage they need. Visit to compare plans and enroll.