Understanding Why You Are Required to Have a SR22

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Financial Services

If you have been told that you need to have a Sr-22 form, the chances are you are considered a serious risk when it comes to driving. People that are required to have a Sr-22 form have either been in an accident and weren’t insured or were operating a vehicle while under the influence. Either of these circumstances means you need to obtain a Sr-22 form. While a Sr-22 is not exactly a type of insurance, it is a form you need in order to have the ability to drive legally. If you are looking for a Sr-22 in Illinois there are insurance agents who can assist you with this.

Agents Can Help You File a Sr-22

When you need a Sr-22 in Illinois, insurance agents will assist you in this matter. The first step an agent will take is finding you the best rate possible on the insurance coverage you need as well as making sure the policy covers your state’s requirements. An agent will focus and help you in filing your Sr-22 form to the DWV. This is a way for the DWV to make certain that you are fully covered by insurance. When it comes to how long you need to have a Sr-22 it is normally 3 years.

Don’t Let Your Insurance Expires

During the time you are required to have a Sr-22 in Illinois, it is very important that you don’t let your insurance policy expire. If this happens your insurance agent is required by law to contact the DWV and let them know. In most cases your license will be suspended. However, once the term is complete, the Sr-22 will not be required any longer and the standing endorsement is able to be removed from your insurance policy. Visit Accurate Auto insurance at www.accurateautoins.com for more details.

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