Using Professional Cap Table Management Services to Prioritize Investors

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Financial Services

As the owner of a public business, you rely on the revenue that is generated by your investors. They provide you with capital on which you need to operate. Without your investors, your company could not exist as it does today.

Because of their importance, your investors expect to be made a priority in the daily operations of your business. By using professional cap table management services, you can prioritize their needs and ensure that their stock transactions are handled carefully and quickly.

Transferring Stocks

Investors enjoy the discretion of placing their money wherever they please in the stock market. They are not obligated to buy into your company. However, when they do, they expect you to transfer their stocks to them quickly and discreetly.

When you use cap table management services, you can handle these transactions in a timely and professional manner. Investors expect their stocks to be handed over to them in a matter of hours. You can deliver their stocks to their portfolios or investment accounts in less time than that by hiring transfer agent services for this purpose.

They also expect their information to be handled with care so that no unauthorized parties have access to it. Your transfer agent will safeguard investors’ private details so that it is off-limits to hackers.

Crediting Dividends and Interest

Savvy investors also keep track of the dividends and interest that they earn off of their stocks. When the price of your stocks has risen, you are expected to dole out the differences in prices to your investors.

Your transfer agent will ensure that each investor’s account is credited accurately and quickly. This prompt service ensures that people remain invested longer in your business.

Cap table management services allow you to prioritize your investors. They transfer and credit their transactions quickly.

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