Why Do You Need A Financial Advisor In Yuba City, CA?

by | May 3, 2016 | Financial Advisors

In California, consumers need assistance when they are ready to create future plans. These future plans may be associated with retirement or better protection for their assets. A Financial Advisor in Yuba City CA helps these consumers make the right choices when facing these challenges.

Identifying Better Opportunities for Retirement

A financial advisor can evaluate the consumer’s current earning capacity to identify retirement opportunities. They calculate the possible savings in which the consumer could generate for their retirement years. They also review retirement plans that generate a higher than average return on their investment. Plans such as 401(k) options could present the consumer with greater opportunities. The advisor determines what values in which the consumer should contribute to these plans to achieve their retirement goals.

Managing Your Investments More Proactively

Consumers who wish to invest in stocks and bonds should consult an advisor. They evaluate current opportunities that minimize risk and present a higher return. They determine what the requirements are for these opportunities and establish if they are right for the consumer. The key is to generate profits from the investment without experiencing a major financial loss.

Identifying Better Choices for Protecting Assets

In the future, consumers with larger estates may need to identify strategies for protecting their assets. A financial advisor could present these opportunities for these estate owners. These opportunities could include creating non-profit foundations into which the assets could be transferred. The advisor provides several options for a higher than average opportunity for protection.

Evaluating Tax Liabilities

A Financial Advisor understands the tax liabilities associated with savings and dividends. They present the consumer with opportunities to reduce these liabilities and keep more of their own money. The advisor could present opportunities for deductions that reduce these liabilities. They could also provide suggestions for quarterly tax payments that lower these liabilities at the end of the year.

In California, consumers need immediate access to help with future planning. A financial advisor could help these consumers by introducing them to plans that help them save more money. They could also help them to generate the capital they need for retirement. Consumers who need advice should contact a Financial Advisor in Yuba City CA for more information today.